Tour Dates

  • Ashley

    Pleeeeeease come to Paradiso Festival, it’s June 28 & 29 and your BFF Zedd will be there! Please? Doesn’t look like you’re busy that day πŸ˜‰

    • Zach Cruz

      I missed him the year he went to paradiso, Got to see him at FreakNight but oh man how Id love to Get Low at Paradiso with Dillon Francis!

      • buthole

        @disqus_I8QRGUtXS3:disqus @zachcruz:disqus go see him at Mad Decent Block Party in Eugene or FreakNight this year yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

        • Zach Cruz

          Yup already have my freaknight tickets! Going to Dada Land instead of Mad Decent Block Party both I am sure will be awesome!

  • Taylor Barrett

    You should definitely play Paradiso!

  • Dana Varga

    You HAVE to be at Mad Decent Block Party Los Angeles… It’s your home and it’s where you belong. Plus that’s why I bought the tickets! Case closed… see you there!!! lol <3 ;p

  • Johnny Gabos

    make your way up to Minneaplis, lots of love for ya!

  • Carson Maier

    mane i guess i just have to move somewhere cooler cuz no one awesome ever plays North Carolina

  • Gavin

    Where is the love for Ohio?

  • Jono O’Dowd

    Come to New Zealand !

  • hues1n

    Please come to Chile!!!

  • Kelly

    how do you get a presale code?

  • Samantha Santopoalo

    Does anyone have the presale code info?

  • Andrew

    Dillon Come To MΓ©xico

  • Lolita Luneva

    I hate you for not coming to Russia. And also you ruined my life, thank you very much.

  • elkay

    so sad you aren’t coming to Cleveland or Detroit ):

    • Brian Hunt

      Ah RO like last wednesday, he vent 1 deeper too

  • JohnnyBoddy

    Portland where you at! Can’t wait for the show at Roseland Theater 12/15!

  • Damon O’Connor

    Germany pls! O:O

  • Charlie

    why isn’t richmond Va nowhere on this???

  • ShabbyT

    bummer he isnt coming to dallas loving his music!

  • γƒΎ(οΌ βŒ’γƒΌβŒ’οΌ )γƒŽ

    can you pretty please come to Europe? Possibly Italy, Austria or Croatia… it would mean the world ro me to finally see you live πŸ™‚

  • David Knap

    Dillon is scared from Austin, TX after what happened at the X Games. But shit it was sick

  • Raisal Fahrozi

    You should come to Indonesia first!

  • Brandon

    I have a GA ticket that I’m trying to sell below cost to The Electric Factory show in Philadelphia, PA on 11/26/14. If anyone is interested I’ve listed the ticket on StubHub. It is the lowest priced ticket at $39.99 and it’s an INSTANT DOWNLOAD TICKET! I’m trying to get to the show in Boston so someone PLEASE help me out and buy this ticket as it would be greatly appreciated. I hope to see a bunch of FRIENDS on tour πŸ˜€ #MSFR

  • Andrea Boo Deming

    Please come to Dallas, TX!! <3 I would love to spend alllllll my monies to see you and get VIP <3

  • Joe Impelizzieri

    How are you going to fit all the people from the barclay into the terminal 5 ? and will my floor seats be honord for the terminal 5 or is it first come first serve ?


    MERRY CHRISTMAS DILLON <3 Derreck, Wayne, and Daniel Taylor


    000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 X 10^2 USD
    000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000.00 X 10^3 USD
    $400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 X 10^2

  • jozzki

    DILLON WHY ARE YOU COMING TO SWEDEN BUT NOT FINLAND!?! IT’S NEXT TO SWEDEN!! I LOVE YOU AND I WANNA SEE YOU<3;-;but if you come to Finland don't come in Weekend Festival 'cause i'm in Japan when the festival is;-;……..damn;-;….(sorry my bad english…..;-;)

  • Tiesto

    Hanzel, how about coming to Poland? Such a huge fanbase here. Wish you were here bud, hope to see you some day.

  • Monica

    You should come to dancefestopia in Kansas City!!!

  • Ethan

    Why the fuck did you not get booked for Ultra or Coachella? I saw you at both last year!

  • Ines Svalina

    WHAT THE FUCK are those all the tour dates for europe?!?!??!?!?! shit! it’s too far away from me πŸ™

  • Jordan Garner

    Anyone making the trip to Georgia this year for CounterPoint to catch Dillion Francis?! I know I am!×450&utm_campaign=2015-social

  • felix

    spaaaaaaiiiiiii nnnnnnnn

  • Ryan

    Dillion make your way to NEBRASKA sometime! #keepitup #greattunes

  • drop dead, cupcake

    dillon please put there the date for argentina i wanna know when are u coming

  • johnthegunman

    Come to Portland Maine fagit

  • Ryan Read

    Life in Color has announced you will be in Austin, Texas on April 25.. but your page here says other wise. Why are there 2 contradicting stories?

  • Jessica

    The San Francisco Bay Area misses you!!! Come back Dillon! πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  • Julia Rocha


  • Dice Customs

    You forgot your gig in NZ

  • edgar

    Please come to Hidalgo Tx LIC

  • Ethan

    come to australia

  • Noah

    Come to GERMANY !

  • β™•ΠΈΞ±zΞ±β™•β–ΊfΟ…Β’ΠΊ β—„

    Please come to Argentina I could not see

  • Enzo Quinteros

    Come to Argentina in November for the Creamfield BA

  • Enzo Quinteros


  • asdfasdf

    your show sucks moose testicles. quit torturing people

  • Jennifer Nash

    please come to Bay Area!! WE LOVE YOU HERE!

  • Christian


  • Jackie

    Where can you purchase tickets for Barcelona show at Razzmatazz?

  • Francisco Borrero

    wheres new york mateeee

  • Chris Petrocelli

    Are you playing on 10/10 in PA with Zedd? His website/the Liacouras website lists you for that date, but your website does not.

    • Chris Petrocelli

      Dillon you’re a fucking asshole. Answer me. I want to see you with my friend Adam.

  • iΓ±aki urbieta

    please dillon you have to come to barcelona, Spain!!

  • hbalieiro

    Go to brazil!!

  • Rani

    what the hell Dillon why did you cancel Asia Tour? I bought DWP ticket because of you!

  • iamrealdu


  • Leila

    You should come to Argentina.

  • DJ DomiNate

    Dillon, hoping Spring Awakening 2016 in Chicago will be a stop as it would be the first time seeing one of my rare mentors in his element. No drug on fucking Earth compares to the high, the literal head to toe body shock, electrical hair raising feeling I get when your 112 booty-bass, dark moombahton tracks drop… For real, thanks for being my rehab bro.

  • Jerome Ignesta

    Bro, Hasselt is in Belgium, not France πŸ™

  • Ryan Clark

    FUCK! Is there a show that isn’t 18+??? I still need to wait 2 more years and I’m sick of waiting.

  • Amethy

    why you go Europe but except Italy????? I’m crying

  • keegan

    You dont have spring awakening, chicago listed!

  • My True Lifestyle

    Come to Montreal! We’re missing some Dillon Francis over here!

  • Britnii Tudor †

    When I click on tickets for the July 2nd show, it says Marshmello is playing??? So is Dillon playing, or Marshmello??

  • Parham Nayebifard

    please oh please, I beg of you, come to Sweden!

  • leobel96

    Why don’t you come to Italy?

  • Heidi

    please come to Hong Kong in December!!

  • Ashley Thomas

    how do you get pre sale info?

  • Stacey Pappas

    When will you come to Montreal? πŸ™

  • Sweens Magoo

    Would love it if you would come to Bonnaroo in June of 2017 and destroy the late night set at Kalliope Stage!

  • Blake Anderson

    Dillon my homie! You should come to Spokane, Washington (or seattle) before next summer so I can have my bachelor party with you!! <3 <3 you killed Paradiso last year, I am hooked.

  • eretike

    Hope to see you in France next year πŸ˜‰ (if you want a good crow go to the west side of france) πŸ˜‰

  • vicky

    Come to Philly you kinda owe us…

  • Hozzi

    Dillon, Please pleeeeeeease Come to JAPAN!!!!!!!!!