According To Dillon Francis, “It’s Lit!”

Dillon Francis wants you and the rest of the world to know just how lit it is out there this holiday season. (more…)

D Teases New Track With NGHTMRE

Dillon teased a new track with NGHTMRE on Snapchat and Instagram this week and the Internet is fuh-reaking out! (more…)

Hanzel Gets Even Deepa

Hanzel’s got it in his thick, German head that he’s the next Barbara Walters (more…)

Being A DJ Rules!

There are many perks to being a world famous DJ, not the least of which is being able to swim in luxury pools around the world while on tour like, basically all the time. (more…)

#TBT When We Were Young

This week we’re throwing back to one of Dillon’s craziest music video creations yet for ‘When We Were Young’ (more…)

One Deeper Talks W Hanzel

Hanzel is back and deeper than ever in his latest video interview series, One Deeper Talks With DJ Hanzel. (more…)

Chill-on With James Mittens

DJ’s, they’re just like us! They hang out and do weird things with and to their cats. There’s nothing Dill loves more than coming home after doing shows (more…)

No Fee Tickets On Sale Today Only For #3DONGAFOS Weekend

SoCal Fam! Today only tickets for #3DONGAFOS weekend will be available without service fees at the Shrine Auditorium Box Office, (more…)

Black Friday At!

HEY KIDS! Do you like saving money? Do you love showing the world just how many fucks and shits (more…)

Drunk Cooking With Dillon Francis On Snapchat

Do you like getting drunk? Do you like cooking? Then you’ll LOVE Drunk Cooking (more…)