This Week On Twitter – Vol. XIII

As DF gears up for his New York City takeover this weekend, (more…)

IDGAFOS – Walmart Edition

You know you’ve made it big when your swag is showing up on the good People of Walmart. (more…)

Dill Explains Zedd’s Firepits Ft. Rukes

When you’re a Grammy-winning DJ like Zedd, you get to have as many firepits as you want (more…)

Dillon To Open For Hanzel In NYC!

DJ Hanzel – so hot that the hottest DJ, Dillon Francis, is opening for him (more…)

What’s In And Out With Klaud!

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Mini Shakas Are Officially a Thing

Y’all know how good your Uncle Dillon is at starting new Internet trends, (more…)

Tales From The Road Vol. VI – Shoey Down Unda Edition

Dillon is having so much fun down in ‘stralia that many fans are beginning to fear he’ll never return. (more…)

Uncle Dill On MTV?!

Holy shit you guys, breaking news from down unda! (more…)

Treva Turns Up For The Party

Inevitably, #Treva has joined the party with Dillon down in ‘stralia (more…)