It’s Time To Take A Stand

Taco discrimination in the emoji world has been a silent epidemic for far too long now, (more…)

Darlean?! Why Won’t You Answer!?!

Darlean still hasn’t gotten Dillon Francis an f-ing beer (JESUS, LADY!) so he’s still waitin’ (more…)

#GetLow Vocal Remix Ft. Rae Sremmurd – So Hot RN!

Don’t throw shade, y’all – throw parties. The vocal remix for ‘Get Low’ featuring Rae Sremmurd (more…)

This Week On Twitter – Vol. XVI

D’s been getting low with his best French friend DJ Snake all week pushing their track up the iTunes charts. (more…)

Get Low Gettin’ High

OMG y’all, ‘Get Low’ is gettin’ high AF on the iTunes charts – we’re talking higher than your mom taking dabs with Riff Raff (more…)

I Can’t Take It No Mo IRL

Shoutout Marlene Garcia, to who made it her business to craft this stunning, Pizza Slime-inspired ‘I Can’t Take It No Mo’ (more…)

Get Ripped W/ Uncle Dill!

Not to be outdone by his boy Calvin, Dillon has been actively working on his 10 pack (more…)

Dreams Do Come True – ‘Get Low’ Featured In National Taco Bell Ad!

When you’re an artist who loves Taco Bell as much as Dillon Francis, the ultimate fantasy is combining dreams of being a world famous DJ (more…)

Call Your Favorite DJ, Dillon Francis!

Dillon got trolled like whoa at Ultra over the weekend by his best French DJ friend, DJ Snake. (more…)

DJ Hanzel Has Message For Miami

DJ Hanzel, who was not booked for underground Ultra after-parties, has a message for all you cool kids out in Miami tryin’ to go one deepa in South Beach. (more…)