Calling all Dillon Francis fans out there who GAFOS about not giving a fuck, or shit for that matter. (more…)

#TBT – Dillon Francis Discusses Facts About Texas

We dusted off this little gem from the Dillon Internet Archive for this week’s throwback because Dill seems to like making vids in Austin so much. (more…)

This Week On Instagram – Vol. IV

Dillon’s been teasing the internet with Insta-clips of new music making a splash in the ears, hearts and pants of the world. (more…)

Dillon’s Tips For Stepping Up Your Tinder Game

DF’s been throwing up some next-level Tinder game lately, basically dominating the app at this point and probably going on like 16 dates a day. (more…)

DJ Hanzel Drops One Deeper Mix For Annie Nightingale On BBC Radio 1

Dillon has just been soooooo busy with his album about to drop and whatnot, he wasn’t able to submit a guest mix for Radio 1 last week as planned. (more…)

#TBT – Pizza Slime Says

Today we throw back to some of the uplifting messages Pizza Slime has shared this year that remind us what a glorious place the internet is and how much we love our Uncles Dip ‘n Dill. (more…)

This Week On Twitter – Vol. III

This week on Twitter, DF’s been getting us all jazzed up about his latest tattoo update and new music he’s working on! (more…)

Dill ‘N Friends – Getting Weird W DJ’s

DJ’s – they’re just like us! They love being weird on the Internet, and lately Dillon has been erecting a digital homage to some of his IRL besties. (more…)

Just A Reminder – Drake Is Always Watching

Your Uncle Dill would like to remind all a y’all out there that you have another uncle too, a Canadian rapper whose eyes are always upon you. (more…)