It’s Donut Awareness Week!

Fam, it’s time to talk about something very serious and dear to Dillon’s heart. This week D’s raising awareness (more…)

D & Jauz Drop ‘Lean On’ Remix!

ERMAHGAWD! Dill and yung Jauz are collabing together for the very first time and just dropped their remix of Major Lazer’s ‘Lean On’! (more…)

#TBT Man Discovers Fuego

The discovery of fire is arguably the most important innovation mankind has made to bring our glorious species (more…)

Watch Zombie Dillon’s Head Explode In This New Hollywood Movie!

OMG fam! Your favorite DJ Dillon Francis has a cameo in a new horror flick called Scout’s Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse. (more…)

Dillon Francis Salutes This Man

Sometimes you make and mixtape and it’s just too fire to not let the whole world know about it! (more…)

Dillon Announces Holy Ship! Date

OMG huge news for all you once and future #ShipFam-ers out there – Dillon Francis is will be back on the high seas again this year (more…)

D Crushes Red Rocks

OMG – we are still crying RN watching Snaps from Dillon’s Red Rocks performance in Colorado last night. (more…)

#TBT When A Pickle Took Dill To EDC

LOL FAM! Remember that time a gigantic pickle brought Dill Francis to EDC Las Vegas?! Us too! (more…)

This Bundle Is F-ing Fuego, Fam!

HOLY ASS, Y’ALL! The Dillon Francis Fucking Fuego pack pre-order has hit the Internet, and now the only thing standing between you (more…)

Did U Forget Matches? That’s Ok!

WARNING: the Dillon Francis Mixtape may cause severe burns. Do not make direct eye contact with said mixtape (more…)