This Week On Twitter – Vol. X

In addition to the #AskDF sesh D hosted at Twitter HQ in London this week, (more…)

Did You Upload Your #WWWYW Pic?

Did y’all remember to submit your kid-pix for the ‘When We Were Young’ fan vid? (more…)

The Very Best Of #AskDF On Twitter

Dillon showed up the Twitter’s UK headquarters in London today to use their wifi, stream tons of porn, and answer fan questions live. (more…)

Mittens Francis Demands Legal Representation

Dillon’s cat Mittens has been getting an increasingly bigger head now that his owner has become a world famous DJ. (more…)

This Week On Instagram – Vol. X

Dillon’s been enjoying his last week in the USA, before heading to London on Sunday, hanging with DJ’s and rockstars and his shitty cat. (more…)

‘Set Me Free’ Set Free On The Webs!

With Money Sucks Friends Rule Day just 3 weeks away (omg! Omg OMG!!), your Uncles Dillon and yung Martin Garrix have set free their massive single. (more…)

DF Builds LA Weekly’s Ikea Furniture

Did you know that you can hire Dillon Francis to build your Ikea furniture for charity? (more…)

Happy Birthday, Dillon!

Huzzah! Dill celebrated his 27th birthday yesterday, (more…)