Dillon Discovers Ultimate Booty In Chile

D had a blast in Chile over the weekend between smashing Lollapalooza and discovering the ultimate Chilean booty. (more…)

Um, Excuse Me, Sir?

Pray you never get stuck next to Dillon Francis in traffic because he’s probably going to harass you at a stoplight. (more…)

#TBT Yung Dill ‘N Fam

Today we throw back to when yung Dill was just a little whippersnapper waiting to disappoint his father (more…)

This Week On Twitter – Vol. XV

Dillon’s been tweeting his life away per usual about all the exciting news going on in the world of Dill. (more…)

Darlean?! Bring Dillon Francis A Beer!

“Hey.. HEY! YOU, DARLEAN! Dillon Francis and his mustache needs a fuckin’ cold brew stat! (more…)

Dill’s Terminal 5 NYC Reflections

Holy Batman’s butthole, Dillon’s Terminal 5 shows in New York City were the pinnacle of the #FriendsRule Tour! (more…)

More Real Fake Facts With Dillon – Whoreoscope Edition

Dill’s been helping educate America’s youth this year about the most important real fake facts (more…)

#TBT #FriendsRuleTour

#TBT to like a month and a half ago when the #FriendsRuleTour was going down and Dillon and his band of merry (more…)

This Week On Instagram – Vol. XV

D’s had quite a week out there in the world! He travelled to Mexico City for EDC (not as legit as EDC Alaska but still “ok”) (more…)

Do You Love Dillon Francis? Do You Also Love Snuggling?

No one loves sleeping and snuggling more than your Uncle Dill, now you can be sharing in the experience! (more…)