Guns Don’t Kill People, Cunts Do

Dillon made an important announcement this week regarding Australians, gun safety, and the C word. (more…)

#TBT D Reminisces On Power 106

Dill took a trip down memory lane on air during The Cruz Show at Power 106 (more…)

Pillow Talk With Poppy On Snapchat

Have y’all heard that your uncle Dill is starring in an all new Snapchat original series?! (more…)

Happy Cinco De Mayo, Bitches

It’s Cinco de Mayo, which means white people around America will be celebrating by getting shit-housed with their bestest friends. (more…)

D Drops His ‘Nuclear’ Zomboy Remix

Dillon premiered his Zomboy remix today with Billboard and it is a ‘Nuclear’ moombah-force (more…)

Dillon’s Putting A Call Out

In a world where calls are put out and we have no choice but to respond, one DJ dared to do the unthinkable (more…)

#TBT Dill’s Beard Montage

Dillon’s beard has had quite a journey over the past year. Why just last summer, his beard was but a twinkle (more…)

Taylor Swift Bombs D’s Insta-Vid

Now that Dillon is a world famous DJ, going to sexy parties hanging out with celebs on the reg is just another part of his job. (more…)

This Week On Twitter – Vol. XVII

Dill’s been out in the world having a blast and keeping us updated in the Twitter-sphere per usual. (more…)

Dill Does The Twizzler Challenge On Air

Dillon was in Phoenix over the weekend playing at Wet Electric, which is a bonafide water-park rave, and stopped by the 101.5 station (more…)