Party Favor Busted Eating A Family Member Of Donut Francis

Dillon thought he and Party Favor were friends, he even did a remix of Dill’s favorite Donut Violence Awareness raising song, ‘I Can’t Take It. (more…)

Dill Joins Zedd In Philly And DC For The True Colors Tour!

Your favorite DJ Dillon Francis is so #BLESSED these days, he’s making his rounds on the Mad Decent Block Party to close out summer (more…)

D Finally Finds True Love

It’s not easy to find true love when you’re so busy being a world-famous DJ: you’re constantly on the go (more…)

Dill’s Mom Says Buy His Mixtape

Dillon Francis’ mother would like you to know that her son’s fire-ass mixtape is available for sale next week. (more…)

#TBT Skrillon Francis

This week we’re throwing back to the Mothership Tour last year when Skrillex and Dillon accidentally popped into a parallel universe (more…)

Bee Positive, Dammit

Your favorite DJ Dillon Francis is pretty f-ing sick of all the negativity out there on the Internet, so he’s teamed up with Ray Ban (more…)

When U Drop Ur Mixtape 2 Hard

Shoutout to all the homie hustling their tracks who’ve ever had the misfortune of dropping a hot mixtape too hard. (more…)

Top 5 Moments From The Dillapalooza x HARD Summer B2B Weekend

Dillon just got off a wet ‘n wild weekend between sets at Lollapalooza and HARD Summer, where he performed a one time only show as (more…)

Skrill & Dill Drop ‘Bun Up The Dance’

HAPPY MOOMBAHTON FRIDAY, FAM!!! Skrill & Dill just dropped their massive moombah-banger ‘Bun Up The Dance’ (more…)

#TBT Sponsored Content

Today we’re throwing it all the way back to last week when Dill announced he’ll only be doing sponsored Instagram (more…)