10 Trill-Ass Cats You NEED In Your Life

If you know anything about Dillon Francis, you know he is at least partially responsible for the cat-internet-invasion that’s manifested itself to infinity over the last few years. (more…)

11 Ways To Go #OneDeeper

Since DJ Hanzel arrived on the scene late last year, the world has been racing to catch up with his depth. Now the deep house prophet is ready to share some of his deepest insight with you about HOW EXACTLY to go #OneDeeper.  (more…)

The D. France Superfan Awards

To anyone who’s ever made a Dillon Francis-face sign, sent him a heartfelt note, or tweeted him a hilarious home-made meme – congratulations, each of you has been nominated for a Dillon Francis Superfan Award. (more…)

DJ Hanzel Takes You Two Deepa??
NO – Just Vun

DJ Hanzel arrived from Germany to penetrate America in the deepest possible way (more…)

Get To Know Becky, Without
Having To Date Her

Becky aka Becks aka DJ Rich As Fuck’s girlfriend now apparently since she stole his hat at a show (more…)

DJ Rich As Fuck – Behind The Greens

Sometimes being in like the 1% of the 1% is a lot to handle, y’all. DJ Rich As Fuck everyday is under so much pressure to compete with his contemporary rivals like DJ Hanzel (more…)

Dill’s BFFL Gallery

The bestestest of friends. (more…)

Dillon Francis Rocks The Internet –
10 Unforgettable Moments

DJ/producer superstar, humanitarian, vag-itarian and mayor of the Internet, Dillon Francis, has a website now and guess what?! YOU’RE ON IT. (more…)