#TBT Wanna Marry Dillon Francis?

This week we’re throwing back to the most important fan-generated video every created, when one brave and beautiful lady who doesn’t give a fuck or shit (more…)

IDGAFO-Scavenger Hunt

One very lucky winner is going all 3 days of Dillon’s 4th annual IDGAFOS Christmas weekend in LA (more…)

Dill & Martin Garrix Drop The Official Music Video For ‘Set Me Free’!

Dillon and his best underaged DJ friend Martin Garrix just dropped their wacky music video for ‘Set Me Free’ (more…)

Dill Calls Your Boss

Can’t get off work this weekend to come to Dillon’s 4th annual IDGAFOS weekend in LA? No problem! (more…)

Home Alone On IDGAFOS Weekend?!

HEY! Are you thinking about sitting home alone like a buster during IDGAFOS weekend in LA next week?! (more…)

According To Dillon Francis, “It’s Lit!”

Dillon Francis wants you and the rest of the world to know just how lit it is out there this holiday season. (more…)

D Teases New Track With NGHTMRE

Dillon teased a new track with NGHTMRE on Snapchat and Instagram this week and the Internet is fuh-reaking out! (more…)

Hanzel Gets Even Deepa

Hanzel’s got it in his thick, German head that he’s the next Barbara Walters (more…)

Being A DJ Rules!

There are many perks to being a world famous DJ, not the least of which is being able to swim in luxury pools around the world while on tour like, basically all the time. (more…)