Drunk Cooking With Dillon Francis On Snapchat

Do you like getting drunk? Do you like cooking? Then you’ll LOVE Drunk Cooking (more…)

Dill-sclosure Omen Remix Drops!

NEW MUSIC ALERT! Dillon’s been teasing his Disclosure remix for ‘Omen’ the last week on Snapchat and Instagram, (more…)

Skrill & Dill’s ‘Bun Up The Dance’ Official Music Video Out Now!

Skrillon Francis dropped the official music video for their track ‘Bun Up The Dance’ off Dillon’s moombah-fresh EP (more…)

This Mixtape Is Fire AND Out Now!

OMG, FAM THE DAY IS HERE! Your favorite DJ Dillon Francis has been hyping this fire-ass moombahton mixtape all summer (more…)

Dillon Drops Fire Single With Calvin Harris ‘What’s Your Name?’

Our skin is starting to melt from the heat coming off Dillon’s collab with Calvin Harris that just dropped today. (more…)

BREAKING NEWS: National Concern Grows Over Dillon’s New Mixtape

President Obama and Vice President Biden held a joint press conference today to address growing, national concern over (more…)

The Official Party Favor Remix Drops For #ICantTakeIt

OMG fam! Dill just dropped a stream of the official Party Favor remix for ‘I Can’t Take It’ and you’d better have your flame retardant (more…)

This Bundle Is F-ing Fuego, Fam!

HOLY ASS, Y’ALL! The Dillon Francis Fucking Fuego pack pre-order has hit the Internet, and now the only thing standing between you (more…)

Did U Forget Matches? That’s Ok!

WARNING: the Dillon Francis Mixtape may cause severe burns. Do not make direct eye contact with said mixtape (more…)

D’s Mixtape Sets The Internet Ablaze

Pre-order for the Dillon Francis moombahton EP has set the Internet aflame cause this mixtape is tooooooo fire, fam! (more…)