HAPPY ALBUM PRE-ORDER DAY! Money Sucks, Videos & Bundles Rule


Such wow! After much hype and an emotional rollercoaster of anticipation, the Dillon Francis album has a for-realsies release date: October 28th. This record has countless, state-of-the-art features you won’t find out any regular old album and pre-ordering begins TODAY on iTunes & Amazon!


Before We Give You The Album Specs, Put On The DF Spotify Playlist To Set The Mood




There Ya Go, And Don’t Forget To Check Out The Lyric Video For ‘When We Were Young’



Ok, Now You’re Ready: Pre-Order & Get Insta-Downloads Of ‘Get Low’ & ‘When We Were Young’




The Ultimate Player’s Bundle On Dill’s Merch Page Is One Deeper Tho And Just $50!




The Bundle Includes A Dylan Francess Tee & Meow That’s What I Call Dillon Francis 69!


Meow That’s What I Call Dillon Francis 69 has all your fav DF hits like ‘Masta Blasta, ‘IDGAFOS’, ‘Bootleg Fireworks’, ‘Messages’ and ‘Without You’ featuring Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs plus rebirthings of all those classic Dill tracks. Wow, what a bundle!



Your Copy Of The Money Sucks, Friends Rule CD Comes With A Built In DJ Face-Off Game




And Your Dylan Francess Tee Comes In 1 Of 3 Colors With An Official Diplo Stamp Of Approval



What are you waiting for?! Get theĀ Ultimate Player’s Bundle RIGHT MEOW, all orders will ship the week of October 20th.

  • Peter Kuli

    Vinyl please!

  • Matt Doria

    But there’s no vinyl… WHY DILLON WHY!? WHYYYYYYY!?