Dillon Francis Furious About His Strawberry Swag Being Jacked by Jack U In HARD Summer Ad

Dillon was insane with rage during the filming of the HARD Summer trailer when he felt his “swag was jacked” and he was forced to “perform like some mark-ass buster” in the massive strawberry-shadow created by the Diplo/Skrillex supergroup aptly titled Jack U. (more…)

Getting To Know Dillon’s Cat Mittens

DF has been blowing up his cat Mittens on the interwebs for years now with pics, memes and even his own Twitter account. But can any of us say we really “know” Mittens? (more…)

The Dillchella-fication Process Is Now Complete

Oh boy! After two weekends on the Polo Fields rocking ass on double duty, the Dillchella-fication process is now complete. Everyone came to the festival with big dreams, (more…)

Breaking News! Hanzel & DJ Rich As Fuck Arrested In Indio

Holy balls…we’ve just received word that DJ Hanzel and Rich As Fuck have been arrested by Indio police in the Coachella Valley. (more…)

#TBT – The Adventures Of Blonde Dill

This Thursday we celebrate the golden days of blonde-Dillon past, a special shade of DF we may never see in real life again. Let us throwback (more…)

Dillon’s Dream Girl Checklist

All you ladies out there spooning your Dillon Francis cut-out face late at night, listen up! We’ve compiled a checklist of entry-level criteria for DF’s dreamgirl, (more…)

Tax Day For DJ Hanzel – 10 Deeper Writeoffs

Vat’s up, everyone? Now that international German superstar DJ Hanzel is starting to gig in the US regularly, he’s stuck paying American taxes like the rest of us. (more…)

Coachella Triumph – Dill Basks In Weekend 1 Success

Dillon got to experience the most amazing hour of his entire life on Saturday playing on his brand new stage (the coolest thing anyone’s ever seen btw) (more…)

Dillon’s Goals For Coachella 2k14

It’s Dillon’s second year in a row on the Coachella bill, a rare feat, and now there’s like NO PRESSURE GUYS. NO PRESSURE TO BE AWESOME! Not. So much pressure. (more…)

#TBT – Your Uncle Dillon Throws Back To Thursdays Past

OMG it’s time for #TBT already?! This Pre-Coachella throwback Thursday is a very special one for Dillon Francis, and we’re here to bring you the finest collections of moments from Thursdays past. (more…)