Dreams Do Come True – ‘Get Low’ Featured In National Taco Bell Ad!

When you’re an artist who loves Taco Bell as much as Dillon Francis, the ultimate fantasy is combining dreams of being a world famous DJ (more…)

Call Your Favorite DJ, Dillon Francis!

Dillon got trolled like whoa at Ultra over the weekend by his best French DJ friend, DJ Snake. (more…)

Get Lower, Y’all

Hey, HEY! All of you out there are way too high, bunch of goddamned hippies. Everyone needs to get lower immediately. (more…)

#TBT Life And Vines Of Dillon Francis

This week we’re throwing it back to when Vine was the coolest thing since sliced pineapple covered in taco meat seasoning, (more…)

Did One Of You Lose Something?

Excuse me, did any of y’all lose a big bag of dicks? (more…)

Dillon Sees Himself On #DiploCam

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see yourself through Diplo’s eyes? (more…)

This Week On Instagram – Vol. XVI

Dillon raced from San Bernadino County to Buenos Aires, Argentina this weekend to get from Beyond Wonderland to Lollapalooza and back again, (more…)

Telling Your Kids What EDM Was Like Back In The Day – With Dillon Francis

Someday all the ravers and DJ’s and twerkers will be grown-ups, and we’ll have to explain to our kids WTF was going on back in those crazy EDM days. (more…)

#TBT Fat Jew World Fucking Turr

This week we’re throwing it back to Dill and his best fat Jewish friend’s World Fucking Turr that his the road in 2013. (more…)

Dill In The Studio With Avicii!

Y’all know Dillon is always in the studio with the world’s biggest DJ’s, and this week is no exception. (more…)