#TBT Dill Loves The 90′s

If you’re old enough to remember cell phones that looked like that, then you’re old to enough to remember when your favorite DJ (more…)

Reading Your Kids Social Media

Parents these days have no goddamned idea what to make of most Internet culture their kids are blabbing about online. (more…)

This Week On Instagram – Vol. XVIII

As y’all probably didn’t even notice last week, Dillon surpassed 600,000 IG followers, and he’s been having a ball (more…)

Memorial Day Squad Goals With Dillon

D celebrated Memorial Day this year by meeting 2 of his lifelong squad goals – 1. to be surrounded by babes (more…)

Zedd And His Fav DJ Dillon Francis Want You To Wear Earplugs

Sometimes ur out there in the world EDMing so hard that u forget u only have one set of earholes, Zedd and his favorite DJ Dillon Francis (more…)

#TBT When Dillon Took Over MTV Clubland This Morning

Today we’re throwing back to that time at 3 am this morning when D took MTV Clubland one deeper during his one-man-takeover. (more…)

Managing Ur Stock Portfolio With Dillon Francis

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag or like sometimes in life you just need a little help adult-ing? (more…)

Dill Shows Off His Prom Date

Across the grillions of teens celebrated prom weekend, as did your favorite DJ Dillon Francis. (more…)

Dillon Hits 600k Followers On Instagram – No One Cares

D hit a major milestone in his Insta-career over the weekend when he hit 600,000 followers (more…)

D About To Smash Miami

Dillon is on his way to Florida right now for #GoHARDMiami and you will not believe this lineup, fam! (more…)