This Week On Instagram – Vol. V

After wrapping the first weekend of Tomorrowland, Dillon is continuing his Euro-adventure, chillaxing with other DJ’s, and taking time to look for his Dad abroad. (more…)

DF Wraps Weekend 1 At Tomorrowland

Dillon slayed the Mad Decent Stage at Weekend 1 of Tomorrowland in Belgium, taking his crowd at the festival and those watching the stream one deeper than ever before. (more…)

DJ’s – They’re Just Like Us!

OMG Dillon has been having the best time EVER on tour this summer, traveling all over, spinning jams, taking selfies and being silly w other DJ’s. (more…)

Dillon Francis – Around The World In 8 Selfies

DF’s been on an epic European tour, arriving at Tomorrowland today with the whole Mad Decent gang to tear up their very own stage (roll call!): (more…)

#TBT – No New Dads

Today we throw back to a Thursday where there were NO NEW DADS to be had. Y’all know Dillon’s been search for his real Dad all this time, (more…)

This Week On Twitter – Vol. IV

Dill’s been skipping around Europe, DJing here, there, everywhere, all without his luggage. (more…)

Dillon Francis, DJ Hanzel, And DJ Rich As Fuck To Sweep DJ Mag Top 100

DJ Mag’s polls are wide open right now like sensibly-priced Power Puff hooker at an anime convention, and the votes are already rolling in. (more…)

Dillon’s European Holiday Adventure

Dill has been on a European adventure this past week, festival-ing so hard and bro-ing down with his international rave fam. (more…)


Calling all Dillon Francis fans out there who GAFOS about not giving a fuck, or shit for that matter. (more…)

#TBT – Dillon Francis Discusses Facts About Texas

We dusted off this little gem from the Dillon Internet Archive for this week’s throwback because Dill seems to like making vids in Austin so much. (more…)