Sassy Chinese Pop Star Dillon Bursts On The Scene

Inevitably, Dillon’s sassy Chinese pop star avatar has hit the Internet boasting unprecedented sass-levels. (more…)

#TBT No Neck Zone

Y’all tryna act hard with your no flex zones, but Dillon and DJ Snake are taking it one deeper to the #NoNeckZone (more…)

Dillon Launches New Spoon-Based Project For HARD Summer

Dillon has outdone himself again announcing a brand new project in conjunction with the HARD Summer lineup release. (more…)

The Party’s On Snapchat, Y’all

You guys, if y’all aren’t following DillonFrancis on Snapchat yet you’re basically missing out on life entirely. (more…)

D Stoked To Smoke W Ice Cube On 420

OMG y’all, Dillon was soooooooo excited to smoke weed with Ice Cube in celebration of the international stoner holiday, 420! (more…)

Get Low, Lower, Lowest!

Dill and DJ Snake have been encouraging the youth from around the world, and most recently the elderly in their Taco Bell commercial, (more…)

#TBT The Mothership Tour

Crazy that just one year ago Dillon was about to embark on a journey around the lower quadrants of space on The Mothership (more…)

This Week On Instagram – Vol. XVII

D’s been tearing up Instagram the last week making Zedd faces (see above), celebrating #GetLow’s achievement of gold status (more…)

Dill & Kygo Release Collab – Sort Of

D’s been ‘gramming hella pics of him and Kygo in the studio the last few months and finally the first taste of their collab (more…)

D’s New Ink Stirs Controversy

Dill’s been getting some one deeper ink done lately and some fans have been like wtf bruh? (more…)