‘Get Low’ Rebirth In Paris Out Now

‘Get Low’ has been reborn and what a glorious rebirth it is! (more…)

This Week On Twitter – Vol. VIII

It’s been a pretty hyphy week for Dillon between starting a DJ duo with Zac Efron and releasing his Major Lazer x Stylo G collab (more…)

“When We Were Young” Wednesday

Awwwwwwwwww, Dillon’s childhood best friend got married over the weekend, (more…)

Have A Shit Day

Hey guys, thanks for visiting DillonFrancis.com. We want to wish you a shit day and encourage you to buy more stuff (more…)

Dill Makes It Bounce With The Help Of Major Lazer And Stylo G

The Internet has been fuh-reaking out as Dillon is slowly and sensually unveiling tracks from the Money Sucks, Friends Rule album. (more…)

Introducing Klaud At Fashion Week

Dillon’s latest character Klaud is taking Fashion Week by storm with his cutting edge analysis of what’s in and what’s way outta here. (more…)

Skrill and Dill Present “OMG!”

OMG indeed! A Skrillex x Dillon OMG IDGAFOS remix infinity loop of epic proportions now exists on the Internet. (more…)

This Week On Instagram – Vol. VIII

Your Uncle Dill’s been on his hustle this week from the studio to Vegas and back again. (more…)

DF on TMZ?! OMG!

OMG, is that Dillon Francis on TMZ RN?! It totally is! (more…)

Hi, Mom!

Dillon has been such busy playing shows, making hits, and just generally going one deeper, (more…)